Our Approach

As a Digital Marketing consultant, my "bible" since 2009 was that of Inbound Marketing. Essentially the process of identifying the issues and questions potential clients need answers to, then using information that met those needs to attract, engage and ultimately convert them into customers/donors/members - whatever the objective of the organization.

Business Modelling

Then I discovered Business Modelling and the Value Proposition and Customer Discovery aspects of it. If before I was "playing" at being customer-centric, Lean Startup transformed me into a really customer-centric marketer.

Today I realize that one method leads into the other. Lean Startup empowers you to truly understand your customers, their needs, their Pains the Gains they'd love to achieve. As a result, the product or service you create has a much better chance of being received enthusiastically. Afterward, Inbound Marketing is the vehicle by which you can communicate with your target audience, and they with you. All the while assisting them as they walk through the process we call the Buyer's Journey.

Who are we?

The Social Impact Consulting team are a group of retired professionals from various aspects of technology, business, and human resources. Their sole desire is to have the opportunity to harness the experience and knowledge they've accumulated over the year to help aspiring young entrepreneurs, social and commercial, realize their visions of a better future successfully!

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Yoel Ben-Avraham

Senior Consultant
& Workshop Facilitator

Retired IT Professional turned Social Enterprise & Learn Startup Evangelist


Is This You?

Mentor? Coach?

Could you be contributing your skills & experience to some enthusiastic aspiring social entrepreneur?

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Or Is This You?

Business? Finance?
Operations? Technology?

Your skills & experience could help some creative initiative avoid reinventing the wheel (and making all the mistakes we learned from).


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